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Solon comprehensive deer management plan proposal calls for sharpshooting May 12, 2011 Ohio

Solon comprehensive deer management plan proposal calls for sharpshooting  May 12, 2011 Ohio  Urban  Plain Dealer
By Thomas Jewell, Sun News  

As promised, Solon Public Works Director Jim Stanek delivered the draft of a comprehensive deer management plan to city council's Safety and Public Properties Committee May 11, incorporating both lethal and non-lethal methods ...The safety committee accepted the draft, with the exclusion of a proposal to set up "deer parks" to provide a safe haven and a nutritional booster for the population of nearly 700 deer estimated in the city last year, a number that is expected to surpass 1,000 later this year.  State and federal wildlife guidelines recommend a "safe" deer count of anywhere from 206-309 in a city like Solon, which Stanek said is "well in excess" of the 10-15 deer per suburban square mile set forth in wildlife management plans.  Council members asked Stanek to look into cheaper options than contracting with White Buffalo Inc., which nearly halved the deer population from 922 in 2004 to 450 in 2009, when the program was abandoned for financial reasons.  City records initially indicated White Buffalo was paid nearly $574,600.

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