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Solon: Deer Park Innovator to Brief Solon Officials on Potential Deer Solution April 12, 2011 Ohio

Solon:  Deer Park Innovator to Brief Solon Officials on Potential Deer Solution  April 12, 2011  Ohio  Urban
By Chris Mazzolini   

Deer management is one of the most contentious issues in Northeast Ohio, often dividing communities between those who believe the deer must be hunted and those who want a human way to handle the herd. ...

Naegle, president and CEO of Urban Deer Solutions, will address the Solon safety committee during its 6 p.m. Wednesday meeting.

Naegle's solution is to build deer parks packed with highly nutritious plants that attract the deer. The parks are about 200 feet by 100 feet and built in secluded areas. Naegle plants his proprietary seed blend, which is loaded the protein and provides the deer with a food supply they crave all year long.

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