Deer may damage ornamentals May 7, 2015 Oklahoma

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Deer may damage ornamentals May 7, 2015 Oklahoma, High Plains Journal
... Repellents may provide relief on small areas of high value plants, but for large areas it is not a good option... A good strategy is called a “peanut butter fence.” On a standard electric fence small pieces of conductive foil are attached at intervals. Apply peanut butter to each piece of foil. When the deer lick the peanut butter, they are shocked...

Deer damage on ornamentals  May 13, 2015 Oklahoma, Grandlakenews
... Some of the rarely damaged garden plants include canteloupe, cucumber, hot peppers, tomato and watermelon. Annual flowers that are rarely damaged include French marigold, periwinkle and snapdragon.  Baby’s-breath, gay-feather, iris, sage and lavender are good perennial flowers to plant, while Colorado Blue Spruce, Common Boxwood and Shortleaf Pine ... woody plants ...

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