2012 Oregon Deer, Elk Population Forecast August 31, 2012 Oregon

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2012 Oregon Deer, Elk Population Forecast August 31, 2012 
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 
... Elk populations continue to be mostly stable in Oregon, though some districts are still experiencing low calf survival. Black-tailed deer hunting continues to be challenging, especially on public land, but hunters have some factors working in their favor this year: Most districts report good buck survival from last year, a decrease in Deer Hair Loss Syndrome and good spring vegetation growth due to rains. 
     ODFW is working on better estimating black-tailed deer in western Oregon. These deer are secretive and live in dense forests, making them difficult to count. Successful western Oregon deer hunters are asked to return deer teeth which are used in population modeling efforts. See this flyer for directions on how to remove a tooth and return it with your name, address, date of kill, species killed, sex of animal, and wildlife management unit or hunt where harvested to: ODFW Wildlife Population Lab, 7118 NE Vandenberg Ave, Adair Village, OR 97330...
     Reports are mixed for mule deer in eastern Oregon. Many districts saw good fawn survival due to the mild winter, but overall fawn numbers going into the winter were low. Some districts are in a drought while others got plenty of rain. See the regional reports for more information. ODFW continues work on the Mule Deer Initiative, an effort to reverse the trend of declining mule deer numbers focused at first on five units (Heppner, Maury, Murderers Creek, Steens Mountain and Warner). Projects include predator control, habitat improvement and increased law enforcement. An update on the effort will be available later in the fall.

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