Herbivores take toll on ecosystem, Environmental effects from deer and elk rise as their natural predators decline, a study finds April 10, 2012 Oregon

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... Deer, elk and other big herbivores cause surprisingly extensive damage to forests and streams when their populations surge ... a new study by two Oregon State University professors. The research looked at 42 studies over the past 50 years across [deer populations in many western states are below pre-settlement levels. For example, about 450,000 deer in California currently, compared to about 800,000 in early 1800's] ... The study found that densities of large herbivores — such as deer and elk — were six times greater in areas without wolves, compared to those in which wolves were present ... [a link to the journal where you can download this article:  Large predators limit herbivore densities in northern forest ecosystems. William J. Ripple and Robert L. Beschta]

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