The Deer Debate, decline of black tail deer May 1, 2014 Oregon

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The Deer Debate, decline of black tail deer May 1, 2014 Oregon, Jefferson Public Radio
... Though this may surprise residents of deer-infested towns, the black-tailed deer has been in decline across its range since the late 1970s. A state-wide survey in 1979 estimated the total population at 452,000; the 2004 estimate pegged it at only 320,000. ODFW cites a number of reasons for the decline, loss of habitat and disease chief among them...

Wildlife in Managed Forests October, 2017 Oregon, ODFW
... In 1979, ODFW estimated the statewide black-tailed deer population at 452,000.
Population estimates during the next 10 years, based on computer modeling that
relied primarily on population parameters collected during field surveys, varied
between 400,000 and 500,000. However, in 2004, ODFW estimated the blacktailed
deer population for Oregon at 320,000... Mule deer populations were estimated at about 212,000 in 2011. 

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