OSP hunting for poachers on the High Desert November 13, 2015 Oregon

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OSP hunting for poachers on the High Desert November 13, 2015 Oregon, WRAL.com
... there's about 22,000 deer left in Central Oregon. That's only half the number he would like to see. Heath attributes the decline to a variety of reasons, including loss of habitat, disease, vehicle collisions and poaching.  A 2012 ODFW report found at least 13 percent of mule deer in its study were poached. That's slightly more than the 11 percent that were hunted legally...

NewsChannel 21's Kandra Kent rode along with OSP fish and game troopers to learn more about the toll taken by poachers - which they say actually has more impact on deer populations than legal hunting. - November 12, 2015 Oregon

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