Shed hunt responsibly to protect big game February 23, 2015 Oregon

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Shed hunt responsibly to protect big game February 23, 2015 Oregon, ODFW
...  the peak of shed hunting season in late winter/early spring also coincides with tougher weather and less forage availability for big game, making it a vulnerable time for wildlife. Shed hunters using motor vehicles can put wildlife on the move when these animals need to be conserving valuable energy reserves. Pets and people on foot or horseback can also disturb big game.  Wildlife biologists have real concerns about the sport’s impact on big game, especially when it’s not practiced responsibly... People who collect shed antlers are allowed to sell or exchange them, but certain rules apply. Only naturally shed antlers, antlers detached from the skull, or a skull split apart can be sold or exchanged. For antlers detached from the skull or skulls split apart, the seller must have legally taken the game part ...

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