2017 Big Game Preview August 8, 2017 Oregon

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2017 Big Game Preview August 8, 2017 Oregon, Coos Bay World
... in northeast Oregon. In addition to sub-zero weather, the mule deer just couldn’t find places without deep snow no matter how low in elevation they migrated. The result was mortality levels that reached 32 percent for Baker County herds ... deer fared considerably better in the rest of the state..,

... After six years of drought, parts of Oregon are experiencing a harsh winter, with impressive snowpack ... they do expect to see increased winter mortality... ODFW does not plan emergency feeding this year ...

There are bright spots to having fewer tag numbers September 5, 2017 Oregon, The Register-Guard
... Buck deer tag numbers are proposed to be reduced 4.5 percent and antlerless deer 5.5 percent because of the tough winter in parts of Eastern Oregon  ... deer populations are below what they would like to see in the Deschutes district units except for the Metolius ... Western Oregon deer numbers remain fairly stable ..,

... winterkill will shave some hunts in northeast Oregon, department officials still anticipate between 350,000 and 400,000 applications for more than 132,000 tags.  That doesn't count thousands more applications for 160 additional "premium" hunts ...

Deer Decimated April 17, 2017 Oregon, Baker City Herald
... The hard winter killed hundreds of deer in Baker County, prompting Oregon wildlife officials to cut in half the number of buck tags for this fall’s hunting season... The long-term average for Baker County is about 35 fawns per 100 adults.  This spring the average across the county was 11 fawns per 100 adults..,

... Early spring flight surveys of mule deer showed the winter took a toll on mule deer. Usually, surveys count fawn ratios (fawns per 100 adults) in the mid-30s. This year, 11 fawns per 100 adults on average were counted across the county with some units being as low as 8 per 100 adults. While the average winter loss of adult radio-collared does being studied in the Blue Mountains is around 8 percent, Baker County lost 32 percent..,

...  authorities are urging the public to postpone their early-spring scavenger hunt on account of this winter’s historic snowfall.  Deer and elk are still very concentrated because of the snowpack ..,

Archery hunters face challenge amid smoke, heat September 7, 2017 Oregon, East Oregonian
...  in Baker, Union and northern Malheur counties, where ODFW reduced tags by as much as half ... snow depth exceeded 18 inches in some areas while temperatures failed to break freezing for 28 consecutive days. Animals struggled to find forage for extended periods of time, which led to a higher-than-usual winter mortality..,

Hunters should expect a challenging buck deer rifle season September 23, 2017 Oregon, Bend Bulletin
... The record snowfall last winter in Central Oregon led to high fawn mortality rates ... The harsh winter could have a similar effect in the Ochoco District (Grizzly, Ochoco and Maury units), where over-winter fawn survival rates were reduced by 30 percent ...

Hunters and wildlife remain robust December 12, 2017 Oregon, Sisters Nugget
...  this year's fawn populations were reduced by nearly half of normal, district-wide, meaning that deer will head into this winter with a severely reduced yearling crop. The same dramatic loss was true of adult populations, as last winter's extraordinarily harsh conditions were very hard on deer survival rates..,

Deer hunters will find scattered herds, some winterkill September 19, 2017 Oregon, OregonLive.com
... Western Oregon deer suffered through record rainfall, but that was followed by a record dry spell and numerous forest fires in the south Cascades and southwest Coast Range...

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