Blacktail hunters looking to rebound September 23, 2011 Oregon

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Blacktail hunters looking to rebound September 23, 2011 Oregon, Mail Tribune, By Mark Freeman

...Cool and wet weather through May caused near failure of low-elevation acorns ... a ratio of 19 bucks per 100 does in the Rogue Unit.... down from last year's ratio of 33 bucks per 100 does... the lowest ratio since 2006, when a meager 12 bucks per 100 does were recorded in the Rogue Unit....Applegate Unit has 36 bucks per 100 does ... up from 31 bucks per 100 does last year.... Eastern Oregon's trophy units are managed for 25 bucks per 100 does. The Rogue Unit is managed for 15 bucks per 100 does, and statewide anything over 35 bucks per 100 does is considered a good buck ratio.

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