Ashland's spring deer count canceled March 30, 2012 Oregon

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Ashland's spring deer count canceled March 30, 2012 Oregon, Ashland Daily Tidings

Organizers of a spring deer count that was scheduled for Thursday have canceled it but have given few reasons why ... debate had erupted among residents about what to do — if anything — about Ashland's urban deer population.  Arguments ranged from continuing to allow residents to feed deer, to allowing bow hunters to thin the animals.

Deer vs. Priuses: Who's with me? April 2, 2012 Oregon, Ashland Daily Tidings
I was disappointed to hear that this week's spring deer count was canceled. .. I'm not a gardener, so deer are certainly welcome to eat the heads off of any tulips ... I am anxious for my own particular theory on the town's deer to be proved correct: that there are, in fact, only three deer in the entire town, they are just a trio of unusually fast and hungry deer... 

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