Numbers are fact in state's deer debate (are plans to reduce deer population necessary) April 10, 2011 Pennsylvania

Numbers are fact in state's deer debate (are plans to reduce deer population necessary)  April 10, 2011  Pennsylvania  Management  PA Game Commission   Centre Daily Times
Robert Sobel By John C. Street

... the objective of this new initiative was “Healthy forests and healthy deer. ...according to information provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, only 8 percent of the “Eastern Forest” ... is in a “sucessional,” i.e., regenerating, stage. In other words, the problem, for a majority of our bird and mammal species (besides and including the whitetail deer), is the overabundance of healthy “mature” forests....According to a 2006 report prepared by the DCNR, 89 percent of their regenerating forest land showed no impact at all from deer browsing, 7 percent showed light or moderate browsing and only 4 percent of their total forest land was “heavily or severely browsed.”

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