PGC vs. deadly deer disease: Big-stakes battle July 10, 2011 Pennsylvania

PGC vs. deadly deer disease: Big-stakes battle TOM VENESKY OUTDOORS July 10, 2011 Pennsylvania,  Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

It's called Chronic Wasting Disease, and at last glance it was less than 10 miles from Pennsylvania's border, infecting deer to our south in Maryland. The disease affects the cervid family – deer, elk and moose – by killing brain cells... .During last month’s PGC meeting, the board granted preliminary approval on a revised set of emergency powers that the agency’s executive director can utilize if CWD appears in Pennsylvania’s deer or elk....Those measures include allowing the taking of cervids without regard to established seasons and bag limits and methods of take; requiring mandatory checking of hunter-killed cervids; prohibiting the removal of high-risk cervid parts; prohibiting the rehabilitation of cervids; prohibiting the use, collection, possession and exportation of cervid urine-based attractants; prohibiting the feeding of cervids; and prohibiting any new permits to possess or transport live cervids.

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