Commissioners Emphasize Deer Control Through Hunting July 19, 2016 Pennsylvania

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Commissioners Emphasize Deer Control Through Hunting July 19, 2016 Pennsylvania, PGC News   
     Provision requires deer-control permit holders to consider hunters first.  Municipalities and other political subdivisions that request permits to manage deer populations will need to more strongly consider managing deer through hunting before gaining approval to use another method.
     The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to a series of amendments to the application process for special deer-control permits.
As part of the background information on deer populations and damage that permit applicants are required to submit, applicants will be asked to specifically define how licensed public hunting has been used in the problem area previously, and how it will be used during the period the permit would be valid.
     Commissioners said the measure helps to ensure hunters have an opportunity to manage deer on properties where high deer populations have created problems.
Speaking for the board, President Commissioner Brian Hoover, of Glenolden, said keeping the Pennsylvania hunter as part of the process “always is No. 1 in our minds.”

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