Mt. Lebanon's deer herd in the crosshairs February 22, 2015 Pennsylvania,

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Mt. Lebanon's deer herd in the crosshairs February 22, 2015 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
 ... deer will be baited, trapped and shot at close range in six Mt. Lebanon parks.   ... Neither PZP nor Gon-a-con, anti-fertility drugs used on animals, are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because every doe vaccinated would need yearly booster shots, which is not possible. ... said Chris Rosenberry, a biologist and head of the Game Commission deer and elk division. [Gonacon and PZP are approved by the appropriate federal agency and have commonly been applied, Deer Birth Control, Contraception, see case examples at lower left of page]

Mt. Lebanon deer cull is a soulless slaughter February 23, 2015 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
... I sympathize with those whose shrubberies have been damaged, but that harm does not merit killing, especially when there are more humane solutions ... Just because it is cheaper does not mean this is the ethical thing to do. 

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