Valley Forge: Killing deer cruel, but usual punishment. Cost effective humane solution December 5, 2010 Pennsylvania

Killing deer cruel, but usual, punishment.  Cost effective humane solution to Valley Forge Deer Management  December 4, 2010  Pennsylvania  The Times Herald  And why are deer always the guilty party and humans are never responsible as though the deer created this situation for themselves? And most galling of all,...

Sharpshooting is typically about $500 per deer

Studies show that immunoncontraception leads to a rapid reduction in deer population of 30-40 percent in 3 years. In 5-6 years, that number reaches goal levels of 80-90 percent reduction. Valley Forge is talking about a 4-year killing program, so while the National Park Service is busy killing, the deer will actually be re-populating each spring—the compensatory rebound effect seen with killing deer to reduce numbers. Efficiency this is not. But with contraception, there isn’t a sharp decline in deer populations, and, instead, the population will level off in a more natural and sustainable manner.

the cost for maintaining a sharpshooter program will remain constant as the deer population rebounds in response to rapid reduction, while the cost for treating a population of deer with contraceptive vaccines declines and stabilizes over time. This includes the often-overlooked cost of additional security needed to sequester the area for sharpshooters and patrol for accidental incursion from the public while shooting is taking place. In contrast, contraception typically costs from $261 to $513 per doe for the first year, but falls to $88 to $103 in subsequent years. These costs reflect the fact that capture/sedation of deer is often conducted initially for research parameters, but is not required in subsequent years.

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