Valley Forge: 'Lethal reduction' culls Valley Forge deer by 70 percent April 25, 2012 Pennsylvania

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'Lethal reduction' culls Valley Forge deer by 70 percent April 25, 2012 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Inquirer, By Anthony R. Wood 

... Federal sharpshooters have killed close to 1000 deer ... In 2009, the park’s deer density was estimated to be 241 per square mile, the park service said, and the recent cullings have brought it to 71. The target density is 31 to 35 per square mile, or a total of 165 to 185 deer... scheduled to consist of two more seasons of shootings, and after that might resort to birth-control methods. Over the 15-year life of the program, the total cost could go as high as $2.9 million.

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