Valley Forge: Marksmen will begin killing Valley Forge deer soon October 31, 2011 Pennsylvania

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Marksmen will begin killing Valley Forge deer soon October 31, 2011 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Inquirer
... even though the deer population has declined statewide, Last season, sharpshooters took out 600 deer, and the park aims for 500 this time, said Kristina Heister, the park's natural-resource manager. ... Animal-rights activists, who filed unsuccessful legal challenges to the cull, are appalled. They want the park to "rethink its management policies," said Lee Hall of Friends of Animals. "The ecological goal should be enabling animals on public lands," she said.... The Valley Forge goal is to reduce the herd to 165 to 185 deer per square mile under a 15-year program estimated to cost $1.8 million to $2.9 million. After four years of controlled kills, the park would resort to a birth-control agent, should an effective one become available.

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