Wissahickon deer kill continues as opposition wanes 3/16/2011 Pennsylvania Urban

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Wissahickon deer kill continues as opposition wanes  3/16/2011 Pennsylvania  Urban  Chestnut Hill Local 
by Luke Harold Deer protestors are fewer, but still passionate. (From left) Sheryl Richman, Zipora Schulz and Jim Harris were among 15 people who turned up to protest on Feb 26. Nearly 13 years ago, more than 100 local residents marched down Germantown ...
Thirteen years and more than 2,000 culled deer later, the Fairmount Park Commission, Wildlife Services, and Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) still deem the cull necessary to preserve the park’s ecosystem. But public advocacy for the deer has waned considerably. Irons co-founded Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer (PAD), which holds monthly protests of the cull. Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer 
The decision to hold a deer cull was made based on the results of a 1996 study conducted by Natural Resource Consultants Inc. An aerial count of the deer in the Wissahickon Valley showed there were approximately 49 deer per square mile. When a deer population exceeds 28 per square mile, it adversely affects other animal species and vegetation in the area, the study said.

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