Facts about coyotes in South Carolina December 21, 2017 South Carolina

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Facts about coyotes in South Carolina December 21, 2017 South Carolina, Manning Live
... Coyotes first appeared in South Carolina about 1978 and continue to expand greatly in numbers. Coyotes are negatively impacting the state’s official animal, the white-tailed deer, by preying heavily on deer fawns... Coyotes are now present in all South Carolina counties...,

... coyotes came to the state in the 70s, many brought illegally to the Upstate by owners of pens. Fox pens and coyote pens are enclosed areas for hunting dogs to track down foxes or coyotes for sport... would make it illegal to transport coyotes into South Carolina ..,

... Deer ... populations are rapidly falling — down 30 percent since 2002 ... coyote ... populations continue to grow in the state despite hunters and trappers harvesting approximately 30,000 per year ... Clemson’s scientists will work to learn what proportion of deer fawns are taken by coyotes ...

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