Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

South Carolina Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Some deer resistant plants for South Carolina:  Figs, Loquats, Rohdea Japonica, Agave, Palm Trees, Banana, Ginger, Mandarin Orange

The Department of Natural Resources recommends that to discourage deer from eating on landscaping, fencing deer out is the most effective remedy. Chemical deer repellents work on gardens and ornamental plants.

Building an inexpensive deer barrier

How to keep the deer off a two acre food plot June 9, 2011 South Carolina Outdoor News Forums
... taking about a dozen eggs and putting them in the blender along with some liquid garlic oil I got from the grocery store. Blend both of them together, put them in a two gallon container, add water to this, let it sit in the sun for about a week and you've got one stinky mixture. Pour this in your two gallon sprayer and spray it on your peas or whatever you're trying to protect.

gets very good reviews as a deer resistant plant for South Carolina.

Frankly my deer, don't eat my plants January 8, 2012 South Carolina, SCNow
Fencing is the only permanent solution to deer damage. Encircle small individual plants in yards and gardens with welded wire no larger than 2- by 4-inch mesh. Electric fences should consist of two wires making a double fence. The first strand about 18 inches off the ground and 3 feet outside of another strand at 36 inches... Also, a one strand electric fence will work if periodically painted with peanut butter...