Change looms in 'antlerless' deer definition May 19, 2016 Tennessee

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Change looms in 'antlerless' deer definition May 19, 2016 Tennessee, Lebanon Democrat
... In the past, bucks with antlers less than three inches long were classified as "antlerless" and could be harvested as such... The proposed new definition of an antlerless deer would be literal - a deer with no visible antlers...

This, that and the other June 8, 2016 Tennessee, Wilson Post
... Starting this fall, if the deer has visible antlers that have broken the skin, it is a buck and must be checked in as a buck. I support that and fully realize it will have very little impact on anything other than some hunter's score sheet. He can say, "I limited out on bucks." That is all it will do in terms of balancing the actual sex ratio in our statewide herd...

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