First Year Results of Controversial Buck Limit January 21, 2016 Tennessee

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First Year Results of Controversial Buck Limit January 21, 2016 Tennessee, WTVC
... Based on current harvest figures, Tennessee deer hunters did indeed kill fewer bucks in the most recent season... One indicator Yoest said was most interesting was a dramatic reduction in the "Anterless Buck Harvest." Those are one-and-a-half year old deer that have small spikes, however their antlers have not reached the 3-inch minimum to legally qualify as an "Antlered Buck." ...

Statewide buck kill 
2014/15 v. 2015/16
Male deer killed
2014/15: 95,520
2015/16: 89,976 (-5,544)

Racked bucks
2014/15: 76,622
2015/16: 78,564 (+1942)

Button bucks
2014/15: 8,278
2015/16: 8,352 (+74)

Antlerless bucks 
2014/15: 10,620
2015/16: 3,060 (-7,560)

Does killed
2014/15: 69,445
2015/16: 76,644 (+7,199)

Tennessee deer season closes on upswing January 30, 2016 The Commercial Appeal 
... The much-talked-about change to a two-buck limit apparently didn't have an effect on the total. The buck harvest, Gudlin said, decreased 6 percent and the doe harvest increased 11 percent...

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