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Fatal deer disease found in Hunt County April 16, 2021 Texas

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Fatal deer disease found in Hunt County April 16, 2021 Texas, Yahoo
... the first confirmed CWD case in northeast Texas ... Another case, also in a captive breeding facility, was discovered in Uvalde County where previous cases already have been diagnosed...

...  both deer breeding facilities had received deer from a Uvalde County premises where CWD was found on March 29... TPWD and TAHC officials have taken immediate action to secure all cervids at the Matagorda County and Mason County deer breeding facilities and plan to conduct additional investigations for CWD..,

... breeders sold potentially infected animals to hundreds of buyers and released them on game ranches across the state... The state’s tracing effort has identified 267 sites that received deer from what have grown to five facilities with positive results — including 101 sites where deer bred in captivity were released...,

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