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Regulations are hurting Texas deer farmers July 5, 2016 Texas

Texas Deer Disease News and Information Archive

Regulations are hurting Texas deer farmers July 5, 2016 Texas, Monitor
...  the new rules don’t address the biggest concern to hunters: The spread of CWD among free-ranging deer. CWD was first found in Texas free-ranging deer in the Hueco Mountains in 2012, and authorities believe it was brought in by free-ranging deer from New Mexico. In February, CWD was found in a free-ranging deer in the Texas panhandle.

... One of the difficulties for both wildlife officials and deer ranchers is a deer can be infected with CWD for years but show no symptoms. New tests are being developed to diagnose CWD, but the only sure way is to euthanize the animal first and take samples of tissue...

Don't let Texas deer disease live and spread to humans July 6, 2016 Fort Worth Star Telegram 
... CWD is a deer variant of rapidly fatal brain diseases in mammals, the most recent highly publicized human iteration being mad cow disease... CWD, should it become endemic in our deer herd, would be an utter disaster for the animals themselves, the hunters who seek them ...

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