TPWD keeps tabs on statewide deer population August 6, 2016 Texas

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TPWD keeps tabs on statewide deer population August 6, 2016 Texas, Texas All Outdoors official logo
... a growth spurt since the 2011 drought. The upward trend shows the total population at an estimated 4 million animals. The bulk of Texas’ deer are in the Edwards Plateau or Hill Country where TPWD counts put the population at more than 2.2 million. The Cross Timbers region of Northcentral Texas has an estimated 600,000-plus deer followed by the Post Oak region with more than 400,000 and the Pineywoods with over 260,000...

2017 Texas Deer Forecast  September 21, 2017
...   The overall population trend remains stable in most areas of Texas ... Our deer population estimate statewide was about 4.2 million in 2016 and that figure has been growing slightly every year. The trend is going up and has been going up for a while ..,

...  the whitetail deer number in Texas has grown to 4 million and continues to increase. The highest whitetail deer population is in the Texas Hill Country Edwards plateau with ‘”2.27 million deer estimated in the area in 2015 and will most likely increase in 2016 due to a higher fawn crop,”  ...

Deer season: great expectations for Texas hunters November 2, 2016 Houston Chronicle
... Texas consistently leads the nation in size of its deer herd (more than 4 million whitetails) and number of deer hunters (as many as 750,000 could go afield this year) and the number of deer taken (an average of 576,000 over the past 16 seasons) ...  rain fueled a flush of vegetation across Texas, from the Panhandle to South Texas, the Trans-Pecos to the Pineywoods and all regions between ...

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