Bowhunting Season For Deer And Turkey Starts Sept. 30 September 26, 2017

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Bowhunting Season For Deer And Turkey Starts Sept. 30 September 26, 2017 Texas,
... white-tailed deer in Texas have fared well in recent years with a stable population of about 4.3 million, according to Alan Cain, TPWD whitetail deer program leader...  the summer for much the state, 2017 saw dry weather patterns take hold in May and continue into late August..,

The dos and don'ts of deer hunting season in Texas October 29, 2017 Dallas News
...  average to above-average numbers of deer harvested, according to Alan Cain ... habitat conditions, which were good when 2017 began. About May, the weather pattern turned dry in most of the state... Last year's estimate was 4.3 million deer ... Cain said there are similar numbers, if not more, this season..,

Hunters Out in Force as Deer Season Begins October 31, 2017 Texas, The Picayune
... According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the state’s estimated 4.3 million white-tailed deer are continuing to do well in most regions. “The vast majority of the state had good habitat conditions going into last winter and early spring ... The summer months brought a mix of dry conditions ..,

... Texas holds an estimated 4.2 million whitetails ... as bucks age, their antlers tend to grow larger, often peaking somewhere between 51/2 and 61/2 years, then going downhill as the bucks, which seldom live to 10 years ..,

Expect another high harvest season in Hill Country, South Texas November 2, 2017 Texas, San Antonio Express-News
... “We had good weather conditions into late winter, which set the stage for a good spring with green weeds and good forage available from February to May,” Cain said. “It dried up a little in July and August in parts of South Texas ..,

... Perry wrote Senate Bill 720, which lawmakers passed during this year's legislative session, to help the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department curb chronic wasting disease ... The state had 4.3 million white-tailed deer last year, and the department estimated there would be the same amount this year..,

Woods, Water, & Wildlife: Deer Season Happenings December 14, 2017 Texas, Freestonecountytimesonline
... I contacted Alan Cain, TPWD ... expected an average year for quality of deer harvested (meaning antlers and body weights), and an above-average year for the number of deer harvested. That last part meant that Texas had plenty of deer – over four million ..,

Central Texas could see banner year for hunting October 28, 2017 Waco Tribune-Herald
... “Deer populations in Central Texas made it through last year’s mild winter in good condition, and had abundant food resources due to early spring rains,” ... area has enjoyed 3 years of above-average rainfall. 

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