Recent Rains Provide Boost for Deer, New Challenges for Bowhunters September 26, 2018 Texas

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Recent Rains Provide Boost for Deer, New Challenges for BowhuntersSeptember 26, 2018 Texas, El Paso Herald-Post 
... exceptional rainfall in September that has created a giant food plot of native forage across the state,” said Alan Cain, TPWD whitetail deer program leader... a robust white-tailed deer population of about 4.6 million ..,

Texas Crop and Weather Report September 25, 2018 Texas, AgriLife Today
...  Drought conditions throughout much of the state this summer likely will mean lower wildlife numbers ... deer, quail and turkey numbers would likely be affected..,

October Deer October 5, 2018 Texas, KVEO-TV
...  Bountiful rains have the South Texas wildlands lush with greenery ... Fawn survival has been exceptional this year, as there was thick habitat to hide in when fawns were young, and does were able to produce plenty of milk..,

Good year for deer, thanks to bountiful rainfall October 10, 2018 Texas, Wilson County News
... Texas has nearly 4.6 million deer, dispersed over most of the state, according to Cain’s TPWD surveys... the Hill Country, has the most, around 2.6 million ... Areas around Mason, Llano, and neighboring counties have the highest density. A good fawn crop in 2015 and ... 2013 ...

Average white-tailed deer season expected across state October 24, 2018 Texas, Texas Farm Bureau
...  a good mesquite bean crop and a Texas persimmon crop in the southern areas of the state may have helped deer get through some of the dry times.  There’s plenty of white-tailed deer to pursue across the state, Cain said, noting the state’s white-tailed deer population is estimated to be around 4.6 million..,

Promising deer season starts Saturday in Texas November 2, 2018 Abilene Reporter-News
... some 900,000 deer hunters in Texas ... 61 percent of them bagged at least a deer [last year] ... Texas is home to the largest herd of white-tailed deer, around 4.6 million, up from 4.2 million last year...

2018 Texas Deer Forecast November 5, 2018 Game & Fish
... “The statewide deer population is going to be right around that 4.3 million to 4.6 million range. If you look at statewide trends, it’s slowly creeping up each year,” [Alan Cain, the whitetail program leader] ... “It really has just been an inconsistent year for rainfall statewide... good fawn crops in 2010 and 2013 ..,

A rainy fall has helped the Texas deer season December 6, San Antonio Express-News
... both antler development and body weights of white-tailed deer bucks and does are above average ... the deer will have plenty of forage and water going into the winter after the rut and that could set us up for a really good season next year [Alan Cain, statewide program coordinator for white-tailed deer] ..,

... a four-months-and-counting siege of rains ... a flush of cool-season forbs and other vegetation that deer, turkey, quail and other wildlife need to maintain and build body conditions through the rest of winter..,

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