Rains fuel boom year for Texas whitetail deer July 13, 2019

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Rains fuel boom year for Texas whitetail deer July 13, 2019 Houston Chronicle
... Texas, has a bumper crop of whitetail fawns... Texas has had an unusual stretch of wet weather that began early last autumn and has persisted into summer... flourishing habitat also greatly benefited does, allowing them to maintain excellent body condition as they carried this year’s fawns..,

Expectations High for Archery-Only Hunting Season September 30, 2019 Texas, frontporchnewstexas.com
..Texas boasts a robust white-tailed deer population of about 5.3 million deer which should contribute to hunter success this season. Despite the deterioration in range conditions over the last several months with the 100-degree weather and wind..,

...  about 5.4 million animals, which equals about 48 deer per 1,000 acres... one deer for every 21 acres of monitored deer range...  fall rains drenched much of the state and turned the landscape ripe with valuable forage that lasted well into spring with mild winter conditions... 700,000-plus whitetail hunters ..,

Texas hunters and anglers in for big rule changes August 14, 2019 Houston Chronicle
... The liberalization of antlerless deer harvest in the 41 counties comes as the deer population there has expanded steadily over the past two decades, growing almost 5 percent a year in the Blackland Prairies counties.  The limited harvest of antlerless deer under previous rules resulted in a population heavily skewed to does. In the Blackland Prairies region, antlerless deer outnumber bucks almost 4 to 1 ..,

...Both winter and spring provided good conditions for pregnant does throughout their gestation period, Tomecek said. Deer were showing good body conditions during and after breeding season.  Despite extended dry and hot weather over the last few months ... bucks have had good conditions ...

West Texas Deer Forecast October 4, 2019 Freestone County Times
... Texas white-tailed deer population has grown to an estimated 5.4 million deer from the previous estimate of four million! Improved survey practices combined with Nature have increased the ... total...  winter weeds flourished into the spring, replenishing body reserves lost through the rigorous breeding season ..,

White-tailed Deer Management October, 2019 Texas, TPWD News
... An estimated 5.3 million white-tailed deer inhabit 252 of the 254 counties in Texas ... white-tailed deer are important to the state’s economy with deer hunting generating an estimated $1.2 billion in economic output and $15.7 billion nationwide..,  [Texas also has about 200,000 mule deer]

... Highest deer densities are in areas northwest of Killeen – as high as 133 deer/1,000 acres in places... Post Oak Savannah ... A buck/doe ratio of one buck for every 4.5 does screams for increased doe harvest... South Texas ...Native habitat is excellent ..,

2019 deer forecast looking bright October 22, 2019 Texas, Athens Daily Review
... Texas Parks Wildlife’s latest estimates indicate there are about 5.4 million whitetails ... Mississippi’s whitetail count of about 1.6 million ranks a distant second to Texas; Missouri is third with 1.4 million, according to figures presented during a Southeast Deer Study Group conference in 2018..,

General white-tailed deer hunting season opens Saturday October 31, 2019 Texas, Corpus Christi Caller-Times
... “We’ve seen a slow but steady growth in the statewide population over the last 15 years, particularly in areas such as the Hill Country, Oak Prairies and portions of the Cross Timbers..,

... a population of about 5.4 million and a growth rate of 3.8 percent annually, it is pretty clear that Texas has a vibrant white-tailed deer  ... "There are certainly areas where the deer population could be reduced, part of the Hill Country for example, but in other areas harvest is acceptable with the deer population. Overall, I’d say we are doing good with the deer population in Texas.”  [Alan Cain, TPWD deer program leader] ..,

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