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Long-term, Wildfires have Positive Impacts for Wildlife May 17, 2011 Texas

Long-term, Wildfires have Positive Impacts for Wildlife  May 17, 2011  Texas  Habitat  Brownwood News (blog)

...  “Wildlife species such as white-tailed deer will move back into burned areas. This may take longer in areas where brush species were hit hardest.” Initial field assessments by TPWD biologists indicate minimal losses to wildlife populations from recent fires ... Even on ranches having high fences, deer usually can find an escape route. During a major fire that burned 95 percent of the high-fenced Chaparral Wildlife Management Area southwest of San Antonio in 2008, relatively few deer perished, according to David Synatzske, area manager on the Chap. Three years later, Synatzske said deer densities on the Chaparral WMA are at record highs and other animals, such as javelina, have also rebounded.

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