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More Texas landowners seek permits for deer breeding September 10, 2011 Texas

More Texas landowners seek permits for deer breedingSeptember 10, 2011 Texas,

...The white-tail deer breeding industry has increased steadily over the past 15 years. In 1995, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issued two deer-breeder permits. Last year, 1,341 permits were issued....In 2010, Texas breeders had 152,000 breeder deer housed in 1,200 permitted facilities....By carefully monitoring every aspect of a deer's life, from the environment in which it lives to the bloodlines of its mates, white-tail breeders have been able to produce animals ... "In 1998, there were less than five 200-inch deer in breeding pens in the state of Texas," said Chase Clark, ... More than 30 deer with antlers at least 300 inches now can be found in breeding pens across the state....

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