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To Rack Up Big Bucks, Some Try Deer Smuggling November 12, 2011, Texas

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To Rack Up Big Bucks, Some Try Deer Smuggling November 12, 2011, Texas, Wall Street Journal

... An obsession with ever-larger antlers among trophy hunters ... a black market in big deer from northern states. Inseminating a doe with their genes can generate offspring with racks so elaborate they look like something that sprang from the imagination of Dr. Seuss.... achieved by breeding in captivity. These creatures don't exist in the wild—but hunters can bag them for a fee at one of Texas' high-fence ranches ... breeders can buy sperm ... one vial ... can cost as much as $20,000 ... Texas A&M University ... estimated ... a $650 million-a-year deer breeding industry [in the state] ... 

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