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Wildlife management requires considerations October 24, 2011 Texas

Wildlife management requires considerations October 24, 2011 Texas, Sulphur Springs Country World News
According to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension article "Using livestock to manage wildlife habitat," cattle grazing creates open spaces for forb production, however cattle may compete with white-tailed deer...Deer primarily eat forbs. Forbs are pretty much their number-one source of feed, so we suggest that you plant high-quality forbs for them to utilize,".... Perennial forbs suggested by wildlife management experts for deer include Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cicer milkvetch, Crownvetch, Lancer Perennial Pea, Lathco Flat Pea, Lespedeza (Bi-color, Kobe, Korean, Serecia) and Sainfoin.

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