Deer Management 2010 (Breeding bigger deer) December 9, 2010 Texas

Deer Management 2010  December 9, 2010  Texas Bowhunter  

By Dr. Dave Samuel 

EVERY YEAR I REPRESENT Bowhunter Magazine at the Southeast Deer Study Group meeting, where the country's top deer researchers gather to ...Most of Texas manages deer the same way the rest of the country does. However, in South Texas, management differs a bit, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has given ranchers there the tools to grow more and bigger bucks. Here is an example: Hundreds of fenced ranches build breeder pens as large as 100 acres. Using a Deer Management Permit (DMP) from the state, ranchers can capture up to 20 does and place them in a breeder pen with the biggest buck they can capture (or buy or rent from a deer farm). After the does are bred, the fawns and does are released back onto the ranch proper. Thus, year after year, does are getting bred by huge bucks, and their male progeny will most likely have improved antlers. Since almost all deer hunting in Texas is on leased ranches, bigger bucks mean bigger bucks ($).

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