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Deer Resistant Plants and Repellants

Texas Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Deer Resistant Plants for Texas - double click for full screen

Small trees and shrubs: berm (a good privacy hedge), boxwood, cactus, ceniza, century plant, dwarf Chinese holly, dwarf natal plum, Mexican fan palm, Mexican honeysuckle, Mexican olive, Mexican oregano, Mexican plum, nandina, oleander, pampas grass, pittosporum, pomegranate, primrose jasmine, retama, salvia greggi (also known as Autumn Sage or Cherry Sage, grows as a semi-woody rounded shrub and is native to central and 

Deer Resistant Plants for Texas - double click for full screen

west Texas), Texas mountain laurel, Texas sabals, Texas sage (Cenizo, soft silver, gray leaves)  viburnum tinus, vitex (Texas Lilac), yaupon holly.

Deciduous trees:  Wright's Bee Brush, Texas Vitex, Desert Willow, Texas Kidneywood, Texas Possumhaw, Crape Myrtle

Everygreens for tall privacy hedge:  Eleagnus, Leatherleaf Viburnum, 
Yaupon Holly, Lorepetalum, Gray Bush Germander

Deer Resistant Plants - also see

Perennials: angelonia, angel trumpet, blue salvias, bouncing bet, fountain grass, iris, lantanas (all species), mexican wire grass mint marigold, muhly grass, pampas grass, pine muhly, rosemary, society garlic.

Annuals: snapdragons, vinca, zinnias.

Cover:  Bermuda grass,  Juniper, Rosemary, Society Garlic
For indigo blossoms, butterfly habitat, and deer resistance, few plants beat vitex and plumbago 

Drought-tolerant Deer Resistant Plants

Shrubs: Agarita, Cactus, Century Plant, Dwarf Natal Plum, Pampas Grass, Juniper, Lantana, Mountain laurel, Oleander, Prickly Pear, Plumbago, Pomegranate, Rosemary, Society Garlic,Texas Lilac, Texas Sage, Texas Viburnum, Yaupon Holly

Cover: Bermudagrass, Juniper, White Cloud muhly grass (Muhlenbergia Capillaris "White Cloud") bloom in fall with white blooms

Vines: Carolina Yellow Jasmine, Creeping Fig. 
Protect plants for three months after planting

Evergreen perennial: Echinacea, a Texas native will grow in full sun and partial shade.
More tips for Central Texas: Pam Penick : Diggin : Austin, TX "You can have an interesting, diverse garden even if deer call your neighborhood home."

Plants native to Central Texas: Lantana, Autum Sage, Mexican Feathergrass, Inland Sea Oats, Gulf Muhly, Greene Sotol, Softleaf Yucca, Texas Dwar Palmetto, Heartleaf Skullcap, Jimsonweed (poisonous),  

7 deer-proof plants perfect for SA to plant now August 24, 2017 Texas, San Antonio Express-News 
... One of the best deer-proof shrubs is Sandankwa Viburnum... primrose jasmine ...  mountain laurel ...  thyrallis ...  one of the best perennials .. bearded iris
     Try to outsmart the deer with these 'deer resistant' plants August 22, 2017 Texas, Austin American-Statesman
... They tend to turn up their noses at herbs and plants with pungent scents like garlic, rosemary and mint. Textures like fuzzy or rubbery leaves often repel them. And they generally pass by plants with thick or poisonous sap. Sometimes they leave thorny or prickly-leafed plants alone ...

Refuge renews push to sow 'ocelot acreage' March 24, 2018 Texas, Brownsville Herald
... Last year, using innovative white plastic tree tubes to protect delicate seedlings from browsing animals like white-tailed deer and nilgai, the planting recorded a survival rate of 93 percent. Successful reforestation efforts without the tubes can be as low as 20 percent, or even zero percent...