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Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Minimizing Mule Deer browsing damage:  Includes plants list identifying deer preferences, including deer resistant plants.  Also general advice on managing landscape.

Animals can cause serious problems in a landscape, especially deer. Even on the Wasatch Front you can encounter deer eating your plants and doing significant damage to mature trees. We can’t always eliminate the problem, but we can plan and use plant varieties in a landscape that the deer dislike. - April 12, 2021 Utah

How to reduce deer damage in home landscapes with Nicki Frey and Candace Schaible, USU Extension in Iron County.

Garden Tips Recipe for Deer Repellents for Protecting Flowers - Jordan, Utah

USU club aims to help locals deer-proof yards November 26, 2014 Utah, The Herald Journal
... the Utah State University Berryman Club, an arm of The Berryman Institute, a national organization based in the department of wildland resources at USU... Good examples of natives that deer won’t destroy include junipers, sumac, sage, mountain sage and mountain mahogany ... These plants both provide deer with winter food without harming the plant ...