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All quiet on the Bountiful 'deer front' March 3, 2011 Utah

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All quiet on the Bountiful 'deer front' March 3, 2011 Utah Davis County Clipper

 The veteran city manager is referring to the two-month pilot program that involved DWR “sharp-shooters” going onto private property, with permission of property owners, to shoot deer. A Bountiful Police Officer was there to assure everything was done safely. Of the November-December program, Hardy said “what it showed is that deer can be taken out. But if you don’t do a sustained program over time, it won’t be effective.”
It’s estimated there are between 800 and 1,000 members of the city’s resident or “urban” deer population. That means they aren’t those that migrate into the city only in search of food, but have more or less become “permanent residents.” Few issues in recent memory have generated such interest and a variety of opinions.An informal mail-in survey conducted by the city just over a year ago showed 40 percent of respondents wanted the deer population to be contained,

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