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Chronic Wasting Disease, Keeping an Eye Out for Sick Deer 10/27/2010 Virginia

Keeping an Eye Out for Sick Deer  10/27/2010  WHSV  

CWD was detected in Virginia for the first time in a deer killed November 2009 in Frederick County less than one mile from the state line....This year, the CWD Containment Area has the same boundaries as the CWD Surveillance Area last year: west of Interstate 81 in Frederick County and the City of Winchester, and west of I-81 and north of Route 675 in Shenandoah County.

New focus on stopping spread of deadly deer disease May 8, 2018 Virginia, The Roanoke Times
... the DGIF has tested more than 12,500 deer for Chronic Wasting Disease, turning up 38 positive cases... Since its detection in Frederick County in 2009, $800,000 has been spent dealing with it, and that doesn’t count staff salaries ... Banning hunting over bait... Limiting the feeding of deer..,

Concern rising over Chronic Wasting Disease September 4, 2019 Virginia,
... Virginia first detected CWD in 2009, in a deer killed in Frederick County, not far from the West Virginia state line... last year, an adult buck that was killed just south of the town of Culpeper tested positive. This shook up both hunters and wildlife managers since this deer was many miles from the original containment area. In response, DGIF has a second containment area ...

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