Deer, dogs, and property rights January 9, 2016 Virginia,

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Deer, dogs, and property rights January 9, 2016 Virginia, Tidewater News
... There is a movement underfoot today in Virginia to either restrict or eliminate the practice of deer hunting with dogs ... The “constitutional right of property ownership” as referred to by the VLA does not prohibit my dogs, or anyone else’s for that matter, from crossing property lines ... 

VDGIF releases deer-dog hunting report January 13, 2016 Virginia, Tidewater News
... Eight other states in the southeast — Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina — allow deer hunting with dogs, and those that do not cite landowner conflicts as the primary factor for its restriction...  the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries in October requested a report for the upcoming January meeting on the issues surrounding deer-dog hunting [read the report]

...  Hundreds of hunters gathered Thursday morning to protest a potential ban that would disallow hunting with dogs... 

Hunters, landowners comment on deer-hunting report January 22, 2016 Virginia, Tidewater News
... “The people in attendance] came here to express their support for hunting with dogs, for ethical hunting and to express their displeasure with this agency and this board,” said Kirby Burch, chief operating officer for the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance. “There is no evidence that hunting with dogs has caused serious or wide-spread problems...

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