Deer Management Program - Fairfax County, Virginia June 24, 2011

Deer Management Program - Fairfax County, Virginia June 24, 2011 The Fairfax County Deer Management Program is implemented each year to manage the local white-tailed deer population. Although current research shows that deer density is not related to Lyme disease, the following is taken from the minutes of the committees June 13, 2011 meeting:

"Kent Haydock reported that the Ridgefield article that he submitted on the Lyme disease epidemic was well received. A close friend of Kent’s in a marketing position for a large multi-national corp emphasized the need to keep the need for deer management focused on the health benefits achieved by reducing deer density levels back to target levels of 10-12 deer per square mile. Kent advocated more letters to the editor as a follow-up to the articles that have appeared in Ridgefield and recently in Darien. Incorporating examples like Vet. Robert Nyman, whose life has been virtually ruined by Lyme, would underscore the seriousness of Lyme disease and the need for effective remedies to curb its spread."

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