Fairfax deer sterilization project enters second year January 29, 2015 Virginia,

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Fairfax deer sterilization project enters second year January 29, 2015 Virginia, Fairfax Times 
... the deer is shot with a tranquilizer dart and transported to a mobile surgical unit, where a veterinarian removes her ovaries. The surgery only takes about 12 minutes ... The deer receive a long-term pain killer and long-acting antibiotic ... fitted with ear tags and radio tracking collars ... “Killing deer in an area is not an effective wildlife management tool,” [Gina Lynch] added, because the population soon will be replaced through new births and migration from other areas...

Sterilizing the deer population in Fairfax January 30, 2015 Virginia, WUSA 9
...  Dr. Jeff Newman volunteered to help with the surgeries to remove the deer ovaries... there's make-shift deer population operating room set up ...

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