Alternative methods for controlling Snoqualmie Valley elk herd January 18, 2012 Washington

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Alternative methods for controlling Snoqualmie Valley elk herd January 18, 2012 Washington, SnoValley Star,  Patricia Yolton

The Toutle River Valley successfully relocated 50 elk to the Nooksack Valley. Toutle officials there coordinated with two helicopters and volunteers on the ground to herd the animals into a corral and then transport them to other areas.... The city of Sequim recently received a state grant to fit their elk with GPS collars with “virtual fence” capability. When alerted, volunteers will be called on to drive the offending elk away from designated areas. Sequim is also seeking funds from the state Legislature to purchase high fences that will protect sensitive areas.... immuncontraception ... can be administered by hand or in a dart, and it lasts two or more years ... time-released pellets can be given to stimulate annual boosters.... [used for] wild elk in Point Reyes, Calif.

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