Lakewood City: Deer huggers likely outnumber deer haters (suburban deer culling) January 7, 2011 Washintgon

Deer huggers likely outnumber deer haters (suburban deer culling)  January 7, 2011  Washintgon  Some people are up in arms over foraging deerdamaging their shrubs and flowers. I feel their pain. I lost 100 tulips to the deer last year. ...

City Councilwoman Helen McGovern: The residents uptight over their tulips and roses need to take a look around at the bigger issues in Lakewood.

Wildlife has so little place to exist anymore. In Oakbrook we have deer, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, bald eagles and squirrels. Each plays an integral part in making Oakbrook a special place to live.

Lakewood is not the first city to have to deal with deer. Let’s do the science and follow intelligent herd-management procedures. Have a wildlife biologist determine how many deer the land can support. Monitor the health and size of the herd. Take steps to maintain a healthy herd size which can include birth control, trapping and relocation of healthy individuals, and culling individuals based on what is best for the herd.

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