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Washington Deer Disease
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Subpages (20): 10 deer reported dead on San Juan Islands: a virus could be to blame May 12, 2021 Washington Bluetongue virus confirmed in white-tailed deer September 18, 2015 Washington Deadly deer disease arrives in SW Washington September 12, 2017 Deer population hit hard by blue tongue disease September 24, 2015 Washington Disease testing required for game returning with hunters September 25, 2012 Washington Drought-related blue-tongue outbreak killing area deer September 15, 2015 Washington EHD in Washington October 19, 2012 Influence of hair loss syndrome on black‐tailed deer fawn survival RH McCoy, SL Murphie, M Szykman Gunther… - The Journal of Wildlife …, 2014 Lice On Okanogan Fawn 'Anticipated' To Be Same As Kind That's Affectged Muley's to the South April 27, 2012 Washington Serologic, Trace Element, and Fecal Parasite Survey of Free-Ranging, Female Mule Deer in Eastern Washington WL Myers, WJ Foreyt, PA Talcott, JF Evermann… - Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 2014 State's first case of AHD in deer confirmed in southcentral WA August 29, 2017 Washington State wants hunters to help watch for disease October 17, 2010 Steady, but diseases are X factor September 18, 2015 Washington Stops let officials monitor deer health, numbers November 15, 2010 Washington Washington restricts import of big game carcasses from Montana after CWD confirmed November 21, 2017 WDFW confirms AHD in San Juan Islands deer June 3, 2021 Washington Whidbey Island deer stricken by deadly 'hair loss syndrome' May 29, 2011 Washington WSU building elk hoof disease research center July 12, 2019 Washington WSU lab confirms bluetongue virus killing deer, livestock September 30, 2015 Washington WSU researchers called upon to solve hoof rot dillemma May 18, 2017 Washington,