Mast decline could benefit WV's hunters this fall October 3, 2020 West Virginia

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Mast decline could benefit WV's hunters this fall October 3, 2020 West Virginia, Charleston Gazette-Mail
... the Division of Natural Resources’ 2020 Mast Report ... White oak acorns, ordinarily a staple for wildlife, came in 54% below the survey’s long-term average. Chestnut oak is 57% less abundant than usual. Beechnuts, walnuts and hickory nuts are down 45%, 30% and 48%, respectively. Apples, cherries, grapes, and other “soft mast” items are just as scarce, if not more so..,

Optimism high for this year’s buck season, DNR says November 22, 20202 West Virginia, The Herald-Dispatch
... “This year’s hard-mast index was down 22% from the long-term average,” Johansen said. “Soft mast was bad, too.  “Deer tend to move a bit more when mast isn’t abundant. Deer will be traveling to oak flats where red/black and scarlet oak acorns are present.” ..,

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