Parkersbrg Votes Against Deer Cull, Tips on Dealing with Deer April 9, 2011 West Virginia

DNR official offers tips to deal with deer, Parkersburg votes against urban deer hunt April 9, 2011 West Virginia Urban Parkersburg News

Jeff McCrady, District 6 wildlife biologist for the Division of Natural Resources, said deer are particularly fond of tulips and hostas. As far as gardens, they'll eat almost anything, he said.

"Anything you want to plant to eat, they will- save onions and hot peppers," he said. Props is not alone.

As Parkersburg City Council voted against a proposed urban deer hunt, the animals continue to roam unchecked through neighborhoods, forcing residents like Props to take measures to protect their flowers and gardens.

McCrady recommends fencing and repellants to keep deer at bay.

For flowers, McCrady said repellants are effective.

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