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Aerial deer surveys in CWD management zones December 13, 2013 Wisconsin

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Aerial deer surveys in CWD management zones December 13, 2013 Wisconsin,  WDNR News
      Landowners may see a low-flying helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft over portions of the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone in southern and southeast Wisconsin beginning as soon as late December. Department of Natural Resources biologists will once again be conducting aerial deer counts over the next several months, weather and snow cover permitting. Agency staff will use the helicopter and airplanes to help estimate deer populations.  DNR biologists anticipate the helicopter surveys will be completed by mid-February, but “everything is dependent on having several inches of snow on the ground to cover logs, rocks, and stumps so deer are clearly visible on the landscape,” said agency wildlife population ecologist Robert Rolley. A lack of snow cover in December or January would result in the counts being delayed.
     Fixed-wing deer surveys are done at about 500 feet above ground in straight line transects oriented east-west and extend across the length of some of the CWD Deer Management Units. The crew again consists of a pilot and two observers. About 3,500 linear miles will be surveyed in the current CWD management zone, and the results provide an index of relative deer abundance in each DMU.

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