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Chronic wasting disease epidemic spreads in Wisconsin deer May 2, 2013

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... The spread of infectious diseases requires a public strategy, but public is an idea foreign to right wing governor Scott Walker and his “deer czar” James (public deer management is Communism) Kroll... Ironically, this change leaves the state’s wolf population as the only thing in the outdoors serving to control the spread of the disease...

...  the number of deer being tested has gone down while the rate of infection has gone up ... Between 2002 (the first full year after CWD was discovered in Wisconsin) and 2006, an average of more than 25,000 deer a year were tested. Between 2007 and 2012, the average was just over 8,000.  Meanwhile, the incidence of CWD-infected deer has risen steadily from .5% in 2002 to 5% in 2012 -- a tenfold increase in 10 years...

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