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CWD found on Burnett County deer farm October 6, 2020 Wisconsin

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CWD found on Burnett County deer farm October 6, 2020 Wisconsin, Superior Telegram
... The five acre farm, which houses 19 deer, has been quarantined... According to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, there are 311 registered deer farms or ranches in Wisconsin. Of those, 28 have had a positive CWD test since 2001 and 18 herds have been depopulated ..,

... nearly 1/4 of the cases of CWD at Wisconsin deer farms were reported in just the last year.  According to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection, 405 cases of CWD have been reported at deer farms in the last decade... 

In a first, researchers find CWD prions in deer semen January 8, 2020 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
... For the first time, researchers have documented chronic wasting disease prions in semen from white-tailed deer at U.S. deer farms, according to a recently-published paper...

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