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CWD result quarantines Washington, Bayfield county deer farms March 27, 2018 Michigan,

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CWD result quarantines Washington, Bayfield county deer farms March 27, 2018 Michigan, Superior Telegram
 ... The first deer farm in the state to register a CWD positive test was in 2002 in Walworth County. Since then, farm-raised deer in 16 counties have tested positive for CWD... 11 deer farms have been depopulated following a positive test for CWD. Five hunting preserves and two deer farms infected with CWD ... currently in operation..,

Chronic Wasting Disease in Free-Ranging Wisconsin White-Tailed Deer.   Emerg Infect Dis. 2003 May; 9(5): 599–601
.... Elk were imported to Wisconsin from CWD-affected herds in Colorado during the 1990s, and recently (September and October 2002) captive White-tailed Deer were found to be positive on two separate farms in central and southern Wisconsin ..

.... Conservation wardens have identified three CWD positive deer from deer farms. Two of these deer were located inside deer farm enclosures, but one CWD positive deer (killed by wardens) was outside of any deer farm enclosure...

New Rules Highlight How Little Wisconsin Knows About Its CWD Problem September 5, 2018WisContext
... In 2002, the Wisconsin DNR analyzed samples from more than 40,000 deer, reflecting an early period of heightened caution after the early tests yielded positive results. But in every year since 2009, the number of deer tested has never gone above 10,000, though that annual figure picked up to 9,889 in 2017, according to DNR data. What's more, annual testing efforts rotate geographically ..

... Officials with the Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection were notified on Dec. 12 by the USDA’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) in Ames, IA that an escaped male white-tailed deer owned by James Hirschboeck has tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD).  Hirschboeck indicated that the ear-tagged, 1 1/2-year old buck escaped from his Town of Troy game farm in March, 2002...

The Killer Among Us January 31, 2008
... Since 1996, Wisconsin farms have imported 3,000 animals, some from infected herds in Colorado, Nebraska and Saskatchewan, and since 2000, more than 900 have moved within the state from farm to farm...

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